With this webpage we would like to introduce you to the Berlin-Boston research exchange program, which is aimed to provide German medical students with the opportunity to conduct research in Prof. Leo L. Cheng’s lab at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston / USA.

The program was established in 2006 by Johannes Nowak, Piet Habbel, Leo L. Cheng and Matthias Taupitz. Starting as an experimental idea, the exchange has developed into an established program with more than 30 participating students during the past years.

For approximately six months, students are full members of Prof. Cheng´s team, receiving his vigorous support for their research projects and ideas. Beyond working in the laboratory, students have the chance to gain insight into the American way of life and culture.

Johannes Nowak
Piet Habbel
Leo L. Cheng
Matthias Taupitz