We are looking for highly motivated and open-minded medical students in the early stages of clinical education, who are interested in laboratory research and new experience. Furthermore you should be an excellent team-player with very good communication skills as well as you should have some tolerance for frustration, which is mandatory for scientific work in general. Moreover, as students are full members of Prof. Cheng’s laboratory, a high level of scientific autonomy is required. Previous stays abroad as well as laboratory experience are welcome, but not mandatory for an application.

The program is primarily aimed to provide the possibility to conduct research in Boston.

We also encourage applications of students of other (non-medical) specializations, such as informatics, bio-informatics, physics, or other lifesciences, who are interested in medical-associated research.

In order to apply for the exchange program, please send a letter of motivation (German or English, max. 1 page) as well as curriculum vitae (English, max. 2 pages) to johannes[at] 

Applications for summer 23 and winter 23/24 are now closed.